david-jewelry.jpgAll jewelry designs are Evensong original work and all pieces are handcrafted by us from start to finish, in New Hampshire, USA.

All jewelry is guaranteed. See Policies.

Everyone here looks forward to creating a very special piece for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Information About Our Jewelry


Jewelry is made in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold (yellow, white and rose).


All gemstones are natural and are available in Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Smoky Quartz and Topaz (Swiss Blue, London Blue, Green and White). Other gemstones are available on request and a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones will appear on the web site. Feel free to request the colored stones that you like. Some material will be a bit more expensive and we will advise you of costs.


Pearls are fresh water cultured and are available in White, Pink, Grey and Black (actually bluish/purplish/charcoalish/blackish). All pearls are securely set on a post and pad with the post extending more than half way up into the pearl.

Pendant and Slide Chains

Lite Sterling Silver 18" chains are included in Pendant pricing. Different lengths are available on request.

Slides are sold individually without chains but you may go to the drop down menu to choose a chain to purchase.

Ring Sizing

Rings may be done in any size 1 to size 11. We will do 1/2 or 1/4 size increments to custom fit a piece if you so desire.

Bracelet Sizing

Bracelets are also done to size by Evensong. We believe that bracelets should be custom fit like anything else.

Our sizes run as follows:

  • Size 2 - petite
  • Size 3 - average but a bit smaller
  • Size 4 - average - our most popular size
  • Size 5 - a little more room
  • Optional sizing - you may give us a measurement of your wrist in inches and we will make your piece to that measurement.

All of our bracelets are cuffs so to put them on, simply roll it on from the side of the wrist just above the bend in your wrist, at the soft spot. A rolling action works well.

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